Recent Fundings

Just Funded – Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles, CA

  • Loan Amount: $2,500,000
  • Property type: Commercial
  • LTV: 46%
  • RATE: 13%
  • Referral earned: $51,500

PROBLEM: Fractured construction, Buddhist Temple, Non-Profit Entity, No Credit Rating, Mechanic Lien Issues. Deal was shopped around for a month.

SOLUTION: Inbanet recognized the unique structure of this asset. We mitigated a mutual solution with title and contractor. Inbanet funded this loan within 17 days.

Just Funded – Condo in New York, NY

  • Loan Amount: $1,000,000
  • 3o year fixed rate
  • Rate: 7.74%
  • LTV: 70%
  • Broker earned: $25,000

PROBLEM: An investor in New York needed a quick solution for their high-rise condo. Borrower did not qualify for traditional loan.

SOLUTION: Inbanet approved their loan with our 30 year stated income program. We provided the borrower the flexibility they needed to secure their loan without tax returns.

Just Funded – 3 Property Blanket Loan in Coachella, CA

  • Loan Amount: $826,000
  • ¬†Property type: Single Family Residence
  • LTV: 75%
  • RATE: 7.99%
  • Referral Earned: $16,520

PROBLEM: Rural area, borrower needed cash to complete on investment acquisition. His purchase escrow was about to expire. Escrow deposit was in jeopardy of being forfeited.

SOLUTION: Inbanet listened to borrowers needs and structured a blanket loan against multiple rental properties. We were able to fund within days to preserve borrowers purchase offer.

Just Funded – Dental Office in Pasadena, CA

  • Loan Amount: $1,600,000
  • Property type: Lite Documentation
  • LTV: 53%
  • RATE: 7.625%
  • Referring broker earned: $32,000

Problem: Existing loan was maturing borrowers current lender did not want to rewrite their loan.

Solution: Inbanet was sensitive to clients needs. We were able to close escrow within the borrowers timeline.

Just Funded – SFR & Medical Building in Downey, CA

  • Loan Amount:$2,100,000
  • Property Type: Retail
  • LTV: 65%
  • RATE: 11.99%
  • Referral Earned: $42,000

PROBLEM: Notice of default filed. 2nd trust deed was foreclosing. Property was going to sale within days. Blanket lien encumbered two properties. Both assets were in jeopardy.

SOLUTION: Inbanet recognized the borrower’s exit strategy. Created a prepay interest reserve mortgage account and funded the deal. Borrower cashed out $105,000 for other investments.

Just Funded 11 Units in City of Barstow

  • Loan Amount: $876,000
  • Property Type: Retail
  • LTV: 70%
  • RATE: 8.24%
  • Referral Earned: $17,520

Problem: Borrower reported low income taxes. Needed quick cash to purchase another investment property.

Solution: Inbanet offered our stated income loan program. Dea, closed in 22 days.

Just Funded – Retail property in South Gate, CA

  • Loan Amount: $506,250
  • Property type: Single Family Residential
  • LTV: 75%
  • RATE: 9.99%
  • Referral Earned: $10,125

PROBLEM: 1st time Fix and Flip purchase. Previous lender was delaying funding due to their uncertainty.

SOLUTION: Inbanet liked the deal, location and approved the loan within 24 HOURS! Borrower closed escrow within 6 days.

Just Funded Multi-Family home in Mira Loma, CA

  • Loan Amount: $420,000
  • Property type: Multi-family home
  • LTV: 46%
  • RATE: 10.99%
  • Referral Earned: $8,400

PROBLEM: Lis pendency filed against title because of an imminent lawsuit due to sibling fighting over equity interest. Borrower filed for bankruptcy.

SOLUTION: Inbanet stepped in and negotiated with the opposing attorney, mitigated a settlement offer and cleared title.

Just Funded Apartment purchase in South Gate, CA

  • Loan Amount: $587,000
  • Property Type: Apartment Purchase
  • LTV: 49%
  • RATE: 8.60%
  • Broker Earned:

PROBLEM: Escrow and purchase offer were about to expire. Buyer was going to lose his $58,700 deposit!

SOLUTION: Inbanet listened and understood the importance of the borrowers time. Escrow closed on time, Inbanet saved the day!

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