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Increase your profit and success through investment strategy with our customized fix-and-flip and bridge loan programs for commercial and residential real estate, exclusively designed for business and investment purposes.

Embrace a realm of possibilities with hard money, which is based on assets, equity, and experience. It sets you apart from the limitations of traditional banks.

Inbanet specializes in many sorts of alternative financing programs that defer from the conventional lending arena. We cater to borrowers overlooked by traditional lenders or those seeking to sidestep their exhaustive processes.


To help you get your project financed or get your money invested in Trust Deeds

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Private Residential Loans Made Easy

Residential investment loans stand as the cornerstone of our business purpose mortgage offerings. Financing becomes the indispensable solution for those without perfect credit, qualifying reporting income, ample cash reserves, and or lack of time. Fortunately, we provide options tailored to meet the needs of such borrowers. Inbanet’s feature of creative financing options has benefitted thousands of real estate investors in enduring success, which is a perfect tie-down. success, A perfect tie down.

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To get started, click on Borrowers Questionnaire without missing any fields. You must provide accurate information to get the most adequate program and pricing. Please expect a call from one of our dedicated and knowledgeable representatives who will contact you promptly to discuss the application process and address any questions regarding specific options or loan features.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Loan amounts from $50,000 to $5,000,000
  • 12 to 36 Months Term (Longer case by case)
  • One of the lowest rates and points providers in California
  • Streamlined application process with minimal documentation requirements
  • On-spot pre-approval, LOI on the same day, commitment in less than 48 hrs

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