For a wide range of commercial & residential properties, in California and major metro areas nationwide

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Fix & Flip

Highest leverage provider in the industry with 100% finance of rehab, non-Dutch method with no PPP.

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Bridge Financing

Hard money lending: Your bridge to real estate investment success, with financing that fits your vision.

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Trust Deed Investments

Easier access to lending for non-prime borrowers, where your stated income speaks for itself.

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Established in 2009, Inbanet has been a key partner for borrowers, brokers, and investors by offering the most adequate financing options for the borrowers, and presenting them to meet the criteria of investment opportunities for the investors to close the transactions successfully. Discover how partnering with us can amplify your growth


To help you get your project financed or get your money invested in Trust Deeds


Loan Amount: $528,000

  • LTV: 80% with 100% Rehab
  • Purchase Price $660,100
  • Rate: 10.75%
  • Term: 12 Months
  • Experienced Borrower

Loan Amount: $525,000

  • LTV: 75%
  • Purchase Price: $700,000
  • Rate: 10.75%
  • Terms: 12 Months
  • Experienced Borrower

Loan Amount: $460,000

  • LTV: 82% /CLTV:34%
  • Purchase Price: $560,000
  • Rate: 11.5%
  • Terms: 12 Months
  • Purchase with Cross Collateralization


A Direct Hard Money Lender

Since 2009, Inbanet has proudly operated from our enduring office in Downey, CA. Over the years, we’ve cultivated robust growth while steadfastly aiding our clients in their finance needs and trust deed investments. Rely on us for unwavering trust and integrity in the finance industry.

In today’s rapidly changing real estate industry climate, every loan is unique and has different challenges, and market conditions make a smooth closing more challenging. Inbanet continues to evolve with new strategies and creative approaches to benefit borrowers.
Inbanet recognizes the challenges that borrowers face in the traditional lending market. Therefore, we have established a flexible funding approach for our real estate investor borrowers who take advantage of our strategic network relationships.

Since our inception in 2009, we have worked hard to create a consortium of various correspondent relationships, domestic and commercial banks, insurance companies, credit unions, pension funds, family offices, and most importantly, Private Beneficiaries.
Whether you’re looking for a lender who can close your loan quickly (as little as 3 days) and without hassle (no asset or income documents are required), is heavily focused on experience and equity, and works with challenging credit issues that could have been caused by payment delinquencies, bankruptcy, or foreclosures, you have come to the right place, INBANET!!!

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“Partner  with Us In Achieving Your Finance & Investment Success”

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