Do you know what an Underwriter is looking at when evaluating your commercial loan?

Inbanet has the knowledge and experience to analyze the level of risk in every loan.  The key to success is to understand the difference between good risk and bad risk.

Most of you have probably heard the term: Layers of Risk but do you fully understand what that means?  What exactly does Layers of Risk mean and how does it affect your commercial loan?  The assessment of risk is based on the 3 C’s; Credit, Capacity and Collateral.

In today’s highly critical environment it is important to you, your borrower and to Inbanet that when you submit a loan you KNOW it’s going to get approved the first time an Underwriter looks at it . . . At Inbanet we assist the underwriter to see it from your point of view, our qualified agents will be able to make a sound, logical argument built on industry standard underwriting risk in your favor.

“I had several loans in my past with several institutions, Inbanet’s transaction was one of the smoothest due to them knowing the lending so well, was ease and peace of mind for us.”
Flor & Arthuro Gianan
“We had a vacant commercial property in Phoenix, which was obviously not bringing any income, so it was almost impossible to get a loan from an institution, we appreciate Inbanet and specially KD, helped us getting cash out on our real estate.”
Duke & Dina Tartaglio
“I appreciate Inbanet and specially Victor much who was very patient with me in getting me a Reverse Mortgage, I am glad I made the right decision to gain more financial freedom, I recommend the reverse mortgage to everybody.”
Hidalgo, Olivia

Analyzing the Deal

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