Nationwide Bridge Loans

Structured Financing, customized for value-added projects nationwide.

Program Terms
Transaction Terms: Property Acquisitions, Repositioning & Recapitalization
Loan Amounts: $1,000,000 to $5,000,000
Loan Fee: 2-3% based on loan commitment amount
Amortization/Term: Interest only / 2-3 year initial term, with 12 month extensions available
Extension Terms: WSJ Prime + 4.50%, floored at initial fixed rate
Rate Caps: 2% first adjustment, then 1% periodic 2% annual-6% life over start
Prepayment Penalty: 5% for 1 year. No penalty thereafter.
Future Advances: Yes, available for all related hard & soft property improvements costs
Proforma DCR Requirements: Class I: 1.20x, Class II: 1.25x
Recourse: Generally Required, depending on leverage, sponsorship & capital structure
Other Bridge Program Guidelines: * Experienced sponsorship required
* Good Faith Deposit required for third party reports
* Inbanet to order all appraisals through preferred network
* Impounds for property taxes and insurance required
* No secondary financing allowed
* Extensions subject to no events of default & property review
* Nationwide program, major metro areas preferred


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